Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The road to May 1st. Week 3.

Week 3. My training for the frontRUNNER's Labor Day Coast to Coast Ultra-marathon 'ONLY THE STRONG' race had been going well until this week. I had to forgo my scheduled Monday Intervals workout because I felt like I needed to rest. There was a little pain in my left foot, kind of like a bruise, somewhere between my middle and 4th toe (yes, that's what they are called). I was also a feeling a bruise under the balls (yes, that's what it is called) of my right foot. So, I had to. I'm wondering though as to what caused these. It must be my landing, or my foot strike, or the pebble I happened to step on during one of my workouts last week. I don't really know. This is something I must study and experiment on in my future runs. But, the good news is, it's healing, and I was able to do my remaining workouts for the week. Albeit, a little slower and with extra care.

So, Tempo Wednesday. It was drizzling when I woke up and I was actually thinking of postponing this workout later in the evening, after work. You see, there was a forecast about a tropical storm coming our way which was the reason for the rainy days this week. Good thing my wife reminded me on that. She said, if anything, the rain would only get worse. So I changed into my running outfit, laced on my Kai Sandals, and hit the road. Doing my workout in the rain, with the strong headwind felt like this was a strength training! Still I was glad I was able to do this workout. I did 1.5k Easy Tempo, 7k in my Mid Tempo, and then another 1.5k in my Easy Tempo pace with the following times: 00:08:56, 00:35:06, and 00:08:20.

On Friday, I did my usual LSD. Although this time, I traded my planned Busay route for the city streets. I was tracing the CCM route when I remembered the cross route that Coach Boying posted in DM, so I decided to run that, too. I also passed by Ling's Heart Break Hill (that's the hill along UP Lahug) which was nice because, no matter how short, at least I was able to do a little strength training. Upon reaching the access road to the Cebu Business Park area, I was still 4km short of 20, so I decided to rounds around my good DM friend Ondoy's usual running route. This was a good run for me, 20k in 01:41:45!

On Friday evening, I joing the Ungo Night Run as a recovery. I had a nice, slow, and easy jog-walk, a very nice recovery run. We ran the usual route from Sunstar in P. del Rosario, passing through Jones Ave., Escario, then on to I.T. Park. Again, It's always nice to run with the Ungo!

This week is a low one for me. I am about 15k short of my target. But, as least I was able to do 2 out of the 3 workouts I planned, and I have that to thank God for. I hope next week will be better.