Monday, January 17, 2011

Tying huaraches... My alternative way.

As you may already know, I use Kai Running Sandals when I run. I have nothing against conventional running shoes, shods as some of you might call them, and nothing against other minimalist shoes - VVFs, Evos, Neos, etc., if they were free, or come with price tags Php500 or less. Anyways...

Tying. The product page itself has a very good guide on a very good way of tying the sandals. Here though, I present my own way of doing it. Call it an alternative way. Warning: Lots of feet photos. Oh and, people with feet fetishes, please please please stay away! Okay. So here it is...

1. Place your foot in between the two straps. The one with the metal lock should go around your Achilles tendon, while the one without it should pass in between your big toe and your long toe or index toe.

2. Create a loop around the strap in front, passing over then under it.

3. Passing over the tail (for the lack of a better word) part, complete the loop in Step 2, and take the head (again, for the lack of a better word) to the lateral side of your feet. Then, insert the head under the strap that goes around your Achilles.

4. Now, insert the head again under the front strap, between the loop in Step 2 and the ear (you guessed it! for the lack of the better word) on the lateral side of the sandal. Then, take the head to the other side of your foot.

5. On the medial side of your foot, insert the head under the strap that passes around your Achilles.

6. Then, take it under the strap that you formed when you created the loop in Step 2.

7. Now, buckle it up.

That's it! You're done. Now, I'm not sure if you completely understood the narrated steps, but the pictures that go with each step should be clear enough. ^_^

Anyways, when you are done, it should look something like these.

Just make sure that the straps are snug fit, and that there are no twisted straps, and you should be good to go...


  1. mao ni ang pang huaracher marathoner nga pag tie! hehehe nice!

  2. @boying. thanks! hehe
    @katol. no problem, katz!

  3. 100% very helpful ! na solve ani nga tying akoa problema !

  4. @benj. glad it worked for you, too.^_^

  5. nice! i like it!! thanks! thanks! thanks! (◕‿◕ ✿)

  6. I posted a couple good ways to tie huaraches on my website if anyone is interested, as well as reviewed some cheap, minimalist options and how I came to settle on huaraches myself for my primary running "shoe" when not going barefoot.