Saturday, January 8, 2011

My running blog... at last!

Yes. Finally, I'm in the bandwagon. No. Not the running bandwagon. The blogging bandwagon. Oh, and yes, this is a running blog. Since I started running, I have this urge, this itch to write about my experiences on the road. There is so much to say about it, it's just that I don't know how to write about it. Yes. I struggle with words, and I suck at writing. Anyway...

I started running back in 2010. July 20, 2010. I was training for the 5th CDU Run then, which was also my first official race. I ran in the CDU 10K category in preparation for another race the weekend after that - the Aboitiz Race to Reduce Challenge. In my frustration though, I was not able to join the Aboitiz race because I was late. I could never forget that experience. It wasn't that the organizers did not allow me to run, I opted not to run because I was ashamed of marching to the starting line late. Thoughts of people staring at me thinking who this lone, shameless noob walking to the starting line late were flashing through my mind that time. So I decided, I'd just turn around and save face. Still, it got me so frustrated that I registered right away for a race happening the weekend after that - the 1st Recoletos Run. Also, I made a promise to myself never to be late on any race event again.

Now, almost six months after I started running, with more than 700 kilometers of training logged to my account in dailymile (, oh and Php17K poorer from buying myself a GPS watch, here I am, excited, anticipating, and eagerly waiting for 4:00am of January 9, 2011 - the gun time for my very first official full marathon. Wish me luck, guys! And, see you on the road...


  1. Good luck and God speed, Kuya Rodney!

  2. very well done! at least mawala na imong ka-katol sa pagsulat sa imong running experience.

    see u tomorrow bai!

  3. @katol and ling. many thanks! we did it! grats nato! hehe